SSupreme 4 - 2D Core Process Simulator
2D process simulator widely used in the semiconductor industry for designing, analysis and optimazation of various fabrication technologies

General Purpose 1D, 2D Process Simulator

Athena is a general purpose 1D, 2D process simulator for applications including:

Etching and Deposition

  • with geometrical models for fast structure prototyping
  • with physical models for detailed process step analysis


  • with very fast analytical models
  • with very accurate Monte-Carlo models


  • with hierarchy of doping diffusion models
  • with oxidation and silicidation models

Stress simulation

  • with stress history for stress engineering


Running real experiments in semiconductor fabs is both time-consuming and expensive. Predictive simulation is helpful whenever it is time-consuming, expensive, dangerous or otherwise difficult to run real experiments. It is often more cost-effective and time-efficient to substitute simulated experiments for some of the real-world experiments. The speed and accuracy of process simulation begins to save technologists tremendous time and money by achieving multiple runs and process design optimization quickly.

Building on the performance of the 2D Standford legacy tools established over the last 20 years, Athena is Silvaco’s 1D and 2D process simulator for foundries and fabless design houses.


  • Comprehensive set of diffusion models: Fick, Fermi, two.dim, full.cpl
  • Physical oxidation simulation with stress analysis
  • Extremely accurate and fast multi-threaded Monte Carlo implant simulation
  • Seamless link to 2D device simulators including structure mirroring and electrode specification
  • Easy to learn, powerful debug mode and user friendly SUPREM-like syntax
  • Also functions in 1D as fast calibration platform
  • Automatic switching from 1D to 2D mode
  • Stress simulation, including intrinsic, doping, lattice and thermal mismatch
  • Physics based opto-lithographic simulator for realistic photo-resist mask shapes


  • Allows optimization of existing processes and provides predictive scaling behavior
  • Addresses challenges  of novel technologies
  • Reduces mask and prototyping foundry cost by replacing costly and time-consuming experiments with quick and accurate simulation
  • Reduces time to market for fabless houses through creation of virtual process-based PDK prior to silicon


Front end of line (FEOL) to back end of line (BEOL) applications, including:

  • Advanced CMOS
  • SOI
  • TFT
  • LED
  • OLED
  • Power (Silicon, SiC, GaN)
  • Optical (CIS, Solar cell, Laser)

Athena 2D Modules

SSuprem 4

2D Core Process Simulator

SSuprem 4 is a 2D process simulator that is widely used in the semiconductor industry for design, analysis and optimization of various fabrication technologies. SSuprem4 accurately simulates all major process steps in modern technology by using a wide range of physical models for diffusion, ion implantation, oxidation, etching, deposition, silicidation, epitaxy and stress formation.


Advance 2D Optical Lithography Simulator

Optolith is a powerful non-planar 2D lithography simulator that models all aspects of modern deep sub-micron lithography: imaging, exposure, photoresist bake, development and reflow. Optolith provides a fast and accurate alternative to experimental evaluation of mask printability and process control. Optolith simulates both projection imaging and proximity printing with a large mask-to-resist gap.

MC Implant

Advanced Monte-Carlo Implantation Simulator

MC Implant is a generic ion implantation simulator, which models ion stopping, defect generation, and ion implantation distributions in amorphous and crystalline materials. Extensive comparisons with measured profiles have shown that MC Implant is highly accurate and predictive. The simulator can be used for majority of ion/material combinations, arbitrary geometries, different substrate orientations, implant doses, energies and angles.