• AMBA IP Cores and Subsystems

Silvaco’s IP offers production proven AMBA IP cores and subsystems.

AXIAXI QSPI ControllerAXI-4, XIP support, DMA, Quad/Dual mode, Full/half duplex operation
AXI / SPI Slave BridgeRead/write access to AXI subsystem registers and memories
AXI 5-Master SRAM ControllerLow Latency with zero or one cycle access to 64-bit SRAM
AHBAHB Quad SPI ControllerAHB, 4/8/32-bit operation, Full/half duplex, Dual/Quad modes, XIP and PSRAM support
AHB Octal SPI ControllerAHB, 4/8/32-bit operation, Full/half duplex, Dual/Quad/Octal modes, XIP and PSRAM support
AHB ArbiterAHB 2.0, Up to 4 controllers using round-robin mechanism
AHB DES / Triple DESAHB 2.0, AHB DES/TDES mode, DMA controller, Elliptical curve
AHB AES with DMAECB/CBC/OFB, 128/192/256-bit key lengths
AHB Single/Quad DMA ControllerAHB 2.0, 1/4-channel, Single/programmable burst, Linked-list support
SPI to AHB-Lite BridgeRead/write access to AHB-Lite sub-system
AHB-Lite Slave to SPI MasterSupports 4 slaves and all SPI modes
AHB External Bus InterfaceSupports 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit access
AHB TFT LCD ControllerSupports 24-bit, 16-bit, 8-bit color LCD panels
AHB SRAM ControllerAHB-Lite, Zero wait state 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit access to SRAM
AHB Parallel Flash ControllerAHB bus to Parallel SuperFlash device supports 8/16/32-bit external modes, 8/16/32-bit AHB access
APBAPB GPIOAPB 2.0, Scalable up to 32 I/Os, Interrupt support, Software configurable
APB Real Time ClockAPB 2.0, Clock/calendar BCD format with interrupt support
APB Interrupt ControllerAPB 2.0, Up to 32 independent channels
APB Pulse Width ModulatorAPB 2.0, Prescaler/non-prescaler mode, 4-bit prescaler
APB TimerAPB 2.0, 32-bit counter/timer, 10-bit prescaler, RTOS time base
APB UARTAPB 2.0, programmable baud rates, DMA interface, interrupt support
APB Windowed  Watchdog TimerAPB 2.0, 32-bit counter/timer, 12-bit prescaler, interrupt support, DFT support, windowing
AMBA Bus Fabrics / BridgesAHB Multi FabricAHB-Lite, Support up to 8 masters and 12 slaves
AXI Multi FabricAXI 4, Support up to 4 controllers and 8 targets
AXI / AHB BridgeAXI 4, AHB Lite, 2-clock domains with FIFO support
AHB / AXI BridgeAXI 4, AHB Lite, 2-clock domains with FIFO support
AHB / APB BridgeAPB 3.0, 2.0, Low latency, Low gate count
AHB Bus Channel + DecoderAHB-Lite, supports up to 16 slaves
APB Bus Channel + DecoderAPB 3.0, 2.0, supports up to 16 slaves
AHB-Lite to AHB-Lite
Asynchronous Bridge
Bridge asynchronous AHB-Lite domains for any clock freq. ratio
APB to AHB-Lite Asynchronous BridgeBridge asynchronous APB and AHB-Lite domains for any clock freq. ratio
AXI / APB BridgeAXI 4 Lite, APB 2.0, APB 3.0
AMBA SubsystemsAHB Low-powerAHB 2.0, APB 3.0, Power management, Boot code, Basic kernel support
AHB Performance ARM-M0 / ARM-M3AHB 2.0, APB 3.0, PMU, RTOS/Kernel support, DMA
AHB Secure M3AHB 2.0, APB 3.0,  Secure AHB Fabric, SRAM and ROM Parameterized MPUs, PMU, RTOS/Kernel support, DMA
AXI PerformanceAXI 4, AHB-Lite, APB 2.0 multi-layer fabric, QSPI RTOS/Linux support

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