• AMBA IP Cores and Subsystems

Silvaco’s IP offers production proven AMBA IP cores and subsystems.

Protocol Title Features
AXI AXI External Memory Controller AXI-4, AHB, 8/16/32 and 64-bit external modes up to 4 external devices
AXI QSPI Controller AXI-4, XIP support, DMA, Quad/Dual mode, Full/half duplex operation
AXI / SPI Target Bridge Read / Write Access to AXI subsystem registers & memories
AXI 5-Controller SRAM Arbiter Low Latency with zero or one cycle access to 64-bit SRAM
AHB AHB Octal / Quad SPI Controller AHB, 4/8/32-bit operation, Full/half duplex, Dual/quad modes
AHB Arbiter AHB 2.0, Up to 4 controllers using round-robin mechanism
AHB DES / Triple DES AHB 2.0, AHB DES/TDES mode, DMA controller, Elliptical curve
AHB AES with DMA ECB/CBC/OFB, 128/192/256-bit key lengths
AHB Single/Quad DMA Controller AHB 2.0, 1/4-channel, Single/programmable burst, Linked-list support
SPI to AHB-Lite Bridge Read/write access to AHB-Lite sub-system
AHB-Lite Target to SPI Controller Supports 4 targets and all SPI modes
AHB External Bus Interface Supports 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit access
AHB TFT LCD Controller Supports 24-bit, 16-bit, 8-bit color LCD panels
AHB SRAM Controller Zero wait state 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit access to SRAM
AHB Parallel Flash Controller AHB bus to Parallel SuperFlash device supports 8/16/32-bit external modes, 8/16/32-bit AHB access
APB APB GPIO APB 2.0, Scalable up to 32 I/Os, Interrupt support, Software configurable
APB Real Time Clock APB 2.0, Clock/calendar BCD format with interrupt support
APB Interrupt Controller APB 2.0, Up to 32 independent channels
APB Pulse Width Modulator APB 2.0, Prescalar/non-prescalar mode, 4-bit prescalar
APB Timer APB 2.0, 16-bit counter/timer, 10-bit prescaler, RTOS time base
APB UART APB 2.0, programmable baud rates, DMA interface, interrupt support
APB Watchdog Timer APB 2.0, 16-bit R/W bus, 10-bit address bus, Interrupt support, DFT signals/wp-content/uploads/product/ip/pdf/70124_IPC-Timer-APB_brief.pdf
AMBA Bus Fabrics / Bridges AHB Multi Fabric AHB 4, Support up to 4 controllers and 7 targets
AXI Multi Fabric AXI 4, Support up to 4 controllers and 8 targets
AXI / AHB Bridge AXI 4, AHB Lite, 2-clock domains with FIFO support
AHB / AXI Bridge AXI 4, AHB Lite, 2-clock domains with FIFO support
AHB / APB Bridge APB 3.0, 2.0, Low latency, Low gate count
AHB Bus Channel + Decoder APB 3.0, 2.0, Support up to 16 targets
APB Bus Channel + Decoder AXI 4, AHB Lite, 2-clock domains with FIFO support
AHB-Lite to AHB-Lite
Asynchronous Bridge
Bridge asynchronous AHB-Lite domains for any clock freq. ratio
APB to AHB-Lite Asynchronous Bridge Bridge asynchronous APB and AHB-Lite domains for any clock freq. ratio
AXI / APB Bridge AXI 4, APB 3.0, 2.0
AMBA Subsystems I3C Sensor APB MIPI I3C, APB 3.0, I2C backward compatible, SDR/DDR mode, IBI (In Band Interrupt)
AHB Low-power AHB 2.0, APB 3.0, Power management, Boot code, Basic kernel support
AHB Performance ARM-M0 / ARM-M3 AHB 2.0, APB 3.0, PMU, RTOS/Kernel support, DMA
AHB Secure M3 AHB 2.0, APB 3.0,  Secure AHB Fabric, SRAM and ROM Parameterized MPUs, PMU, RTOS/Kernel support, DMA
AXI Performance AXI 4.0, AHB 2.0, APB 3.0 Multi-layer Fabric, QSPI RTOS/Linux support

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Srinath Anantharaman
 The integrated solution enables design teams to collaborate efficiently in a secure design environment when developing their IPs or SoCs either locally or across multiple design sites. It enables design teams to successfully tapeout their designs by mitigating the risk by sharing and using the correct version of the design data and IPs. 
Rick Lazansky
 Over the past two years, Silicon Catalyst has been working with key industry players to develop a complete ecosystem that economically and effectively supports the new wave of semiconductor startups that we are seeing today. Our Portfolio Companies have consistently been requesting IP as the critical element that we had not been able to deliver. Silvaco’s offering fulfills a real hole that has been impeding the success of these startups. We are glad to deliver this capability as we continue to build the semiconductor start up ecosystem. 
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