• Low Power Foundation IP

Low-power Physical IP for the Next Generation of Energy-efficient Solutions

Silvaco enables the next generation of energy-efficient designs through a comprehensive portfolio of Low Power Foundation IP for designers of ASICs, SoCs, and semiconductor solutions across multiple foundries:

  • Memory Compilers for SRAMs, Register Files, and ROMs
  • Standard Cell Libraries, Power Management Kits, and ECO Kits

Standard Cell Libraries

Silvaco’s Low Power Standard Cell libraries deliver highly optimized cells targeting low power and high-density applications. Our Low Power Standard Cell libraries include thousands of cells with each one being optimized for power, area, speed, routing, and yield.

These libraries may be extended with Power Management Kits, taking power reduction to the next level, and ECO Kits to enable late-stage design modifications.

Standard Cell Libraries Features and Applications

Multiple Vt and Well optionsCustomize designs for optimal power, performance, and area
Fine grained drive strengths and low leakage cellsReduce use of oversized or overpowered cells
Power Management KitEnables power gating and multi-voltage low power design methodologies
Multi-bit and Multi-height standard cellsOptimize design implementations with sequential cells and MUX structures
ECO kit with fixed pattern for FEOL layersProvides for flexibility of late layout modifications with minimal number of mask changes
Level-shiftersEnables multiple voltage domains
Custom CornersCustom characterization corners such as low voltage operation

Memory Compilers

Silvaco’s best in class Single Port SRAM is designed to achieve minimum power and area while meeting aggressive timing requirements. This silicon proven memory includes a comprehensive set of features delivering industry leading low Dynamic Power consumption.

Memory Features and Applications

Multiple Vt peripheryArchitecture customized to provide ideal target power, performance, and area
Embedded power switchesSaves SoC design time, area, and power while lowering risk
Segmented power controlProvides flexibility for segmented power shut off and overall power management
Read and Write AssistLow voltage and low power operation
Multiple power management modesOffers multiple power saving customization options
Single power supply optionEasy integration
Custom CornersCustom characterization corners such as low voltage operation

Memory Power Management

Multiple power modes for static power savings are available enabling the best trade-off between power savings and wake up time. Retention, retention-nap, and shut-down modes provide a progressive reduction of leakage power compared to just a stand-by mode. Our architecture enables low power consumption through multiple compiler options.

Memory Power Modes

Low Power Foundation IP

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