• Standard Cell Library IP

Standard Cell Library IP

Silvaco offers a complete portfolio of standard cell library IP for the creation of ASICs and SoCs. Customers acknowledge the excellent technical support from the Silvaco library team, a team that is unmatched in the industry. The team prides itself on delivering the customized cells its customers need.

In addition to a rich set of base standard cells, multiple Vts, and track heights, each Silvaco standard library offers thousands of cell variants, enabling applications from ultra low power to high speed. Silvaco carefully sizes each cell family in the library, optimizing transistor sizes, P/N ratios, and drive strength granularity for improved power consumption and performance gain.

Multi-bit and multi-height standard cells boost routing density even further by reducing pin count and packing more functionality inside standard cells. For example, the detailed review and exploration of 28nm design rules by Silvaco engineers resulted in the creation of an ultra high density, low-power library with a gate density of four million gates per square millimeter, the maximum possible for that node.

Standard cell libraries are optimized for customer’s process, leveraging Cello, Silvaco’s library creation and optimization tool.

Supported technologies include:

  • FinFET
  • Bulk CMOS
  • DRAM process
  • BCD

Library options include:

  • Power Management Kit (PMK)
  • Engineering Change Order (ECO) libraries with fixed Front-End-of-Line (FEOL) layers

Specialty libraries are supported including:

  • Rad hard (subject to export control)
  • High voltage (thick oxide)

Higher routing density features include:

  • Multi-bit flops
  • Multi-height cells

A wide selection of tracks heights are available:

  • 6,  7,  7.5,  8,  9,  10,  10.5,  11,  12
Library FeaturesLibrary Benefits
Over a thousand available cellsMore synthesis choices
Power Management Kits (PMKs)Better power performance
Engineering Change Order (ECO) cellsSave re-spins and mask costs
Multi-bit flopsEfficient area utilization and power savings
Complex function cells including building blocks for ALUs and multipliersHigher performance and improved power consumption and area
Fine grain drive strengthsOptimum drive choice for best power, performance, area

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