• Standard Cell Library IP

Standard Cell Library IP

Standard Cell Libraries

Silvaco’s Standard Cell libraries deliver thousands of highly optimized cells with each one being optimized for power, area, speed, routing, and yield. These libraries may be extended with Power Management Kits, taking power reduction to the next level, and ECO Kits to enable late-stage design modifications.

Low Voltage Standard Cell Libraries

Silvaco’s low voltage Standard Cell Library for the TSMC N3P process represents a breakthrough in power efficiency for high performance SoC designs. A nominal operating voltage of 0.75 V coupled with a low voltage operation of 0.45 V, Silvaco’s N3P Standard Cell Libraries enable designers the greatest flexibility in managing the power efficiency for any design.

Available Process Nodes


Standard Cell Libraries Features and Applications

Power Management Kits (PMKs)Enables enhanced performance and power control
Engineering Change Order (ECO) KitsReduce re-spin and mask costs
Multi-Vt cellsOptimize power across your design
Multiple track heightsOptimize speed and area of your design
Complex function cells including building blocks for ALUs and multipliersHigher performance, improved power consumption and reduced area
Multi-bit flopsEfficient area utilization and power savings
Fine grain drive strengthsOptimum drive choice for best power, performance, area
Custom CornersCustom characterization corners such as low voltage operation

In addition to a rich set of base standard cells each Silvaco standard cell library offers thousands of cell variants, enabling applications such as low power, minimal area, or high speed. Each cell family in a library is carefully sized, optimizing transistor sizes, P/N ratios, and drive strength granularity for improved power consumption and performance gains.

Multi-bit and multi-height standard cells boost routing density even further by reducing pin count and packing more functionality inside standard cells.

Specialty libraries are also supported including:

  • Rad hard (subject to export control)
  • High voltage (thick oxide)

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