• Embedded Memory Compilers

Embedded Memory Compiler IP

Silvaco offers an industry-first processor speed cache memory compiler to meet the demands of HPC and AI memory solutions. Silvaco’s Ultra High-Speed cache memory is an adaptable, non-coherent cache Intellectual Property (IP) featuring an advanced cache architecture and logic rules bitcell. This architecture enhances system performance, scalability, power efficiency, data locality, application responsiveness, cost optimization, and market competitiveness, providing a distinctive business value.

Silvaco also offers an extensive array of Embedded Memory Compilers with architectures tailored for high performance, low power consumption, and high density, while delivering robust yield across diverse process technologies. Our solutions empower designers to strike the right balance between performance, power efficiency, and spatial considerations.

Leveraging cutting-edge power management features, our memory compilers can accommodate the most challenging low-power, low-leakage, and low voltage design specifications.

Flexible Design Architectures

  • Processor speed Cache
  • High performance with area efficiency
  • Low voltage operation
  • Low power with optimized performance
  • Multiple foundries, process nodes, and process variants

Yield Management

  • Global and local variation verified memory design
  • BIST (Built In Self Test) ready
  • Redundancy and ECC compatible memory design

Advanced Power Management

Advanced Power Management

  • Multiple power modes for low-leakage requirement
  • Compiler options for dual rails, embedded switches, and more

Key Memory Compilers Features

Multiple Vt peripheryCustomize memory compiler to targeted power, performance, area
Wide voltage rangeDynamically select power vs frequency operation to control power consumption and performance
Embedded power switchesSaves SoC design time, area, and power while lowering risk
Segmented power controlProvides flexibility for segment power shut off and overall power management
Source biasingLow power optimization
Read and Write AssistLow voltage and low power operation
Multiple power management modesOffers multiple power saving customization options
Single power supply optionEase of integration
Multiple Mux optionsProvides flexibility for form factor and word sizes
Built in Redundancy optionAllows higher yield
Support for BIST (Built In Self Test) optionSupport validation in manufacture
Custom CornersCustom characterization corners such as low voltage operation

SRAM, Register Files, ROM

Silvaco offers leading-edge single port and dual port SRAM, 1-Port and 2-Port Register File, and ROM memory compilers for general purpose, low power or high-performance applications.

These memories can be configured to operate at low voltages and have ultra-low leakage capabilities in standby to extend the effective battery life of end products. These compilers also support low voltage modes delivering high performance at the lowest power.

We also offer a compact programmable ROM array architecture (with a single programming layer) which features high-speed memory read times enabled by reduced stray capacitance. Our unique architecture enables reduced area with lower dynamic consumption compared to traditional ROM architectures.

Our memory compilers target multiple nodes and processes in multiple foundries and have been proven in hundreds of designs and applications. Silvaco memory compilers support both CMOS and FDSOI processes and technology nodes down to 3nm.

World-class Support

  • Supports major EDA tool flows
  • Custom PVT support
  • Fast and efficient technical support

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