• Victory Atomistic

Victory Atomistic Device and Nanostructure Simulator

Nanotechnology products exhibit advanced quantum physical effects. Victory Atomistic aims to provide quantum and semi-classical hybrid solution in the domain of nanostructure properties like strain relaxation, phonon modes, electronic structure using the tight-binding model, selfconsistent Schrödinger-Poisson calculations, and quantum transport. 

Read more about Silvaco’s partnership with Purdue University HERE.


  • Scalable from a few atoms to a million-atom structure
  • Self-consistent Schrödinger&Poisson solver giving first principle understanding of device operation at atomistic level
  • Non-Equilibrium Green’s Functions (NEGF) solver for an accurate simulation of I(V) characteristics including coherent and incoherent scattering mechanisms
  • Mode space and Büttiker probe like advanced optimization techniques reducing computational load
  • Results can be easily fed into a TCAD simulation, thus providing better calibrated parameters for classical or semi-classical TCAD simulation


  • Advanced CMOS, TFETs 
  • 2D material devices including novel materials like TMDs 
  • Quantum confinement devices, such as quantum dots and wells 
  • Electron transport including scattering effects, for FinFETs, quantum wires, slabs 
  • Optical devices including LEDs.  
  • Study of Topological Insulators. 
  • Experimental new device structures. 

TCAD Resources

2022 TCAD Baseline Release




Takashi Shinohe
 We are developing gallium oxide devices with a completely new proprietary manufacturing method. Utilizing a device simulator will become important in order to efficiently develop such new devices. For the decision to use Silvaco’s device simulator, the deciding factors were Silvaco’s extensive track record with wide band gap semiconductors, and Silvaco’s depth of knowledge of power devices. We expect to see even more progress in our development of GaO™ power devices as we move toward practical applications. 
Coby Hanoch
 Silvaco provides state-of-the-art device models and TCAD tools that are widely used by semiconductor companies. We are excited to establish this joint development program with Silvaco so customers will have early access to our ReRAM technology on the most powerful simulation tools in the industry and can fast-track the release of their next-generation products. This is another key step by Weebit Nano to accelerate the incorporation of ReRAM technology by a larger number of OEM customers.