• SPICE Modeling

SPICE Modeling Services

Silvaco provides complete SPICE modeling services for the semiconductor industry. We offer an experienced staff of engineers and state-of-the-art laboratory. Our services are affordable, and designed to provide the accuracy and rapid turnaround time required by our customers.

Silvaco’s modeling services are ideally suited to either compliment in-house SPICE modeling capabilities when time is critical, or to provide complete SPICE modeling services for occasional needs. We support CMOS, bipolar, diode, JFET, SOI, TFT, HEMT, IGBT, resistor and capacitor models.

Modeling services are performed using our Utmost IV modeling and device characterization software.

Our Device Characterization Laboratory measurement capability ranges from DC to 67GHz. We also accept data from our customers or data generated from TCAD simulations.

Silvaco is an established leader in providing affordable and high quality SPICE modeling services with fast turnaround time.


  • Aggressive in providing cost effective service with rapid turnaround
  • Extraction of accurate, high quality SPICE models for analog, digital, mixed-mode and RF applications
  • All commercially available SPICE models supported
  • Extraction of DC, AC (s-parameters), capacitance and temperature SPICE parameters
  • Either packaged parts or wafers are acceptable
  • Temperature range from -40°C to + 125°C
  • Worst case and corner model generation

SPICE Modeling Lab

  • Probers
    • Cascade Microtech 12861 8 inch thermal attoguard prober (-40°C to 125°C)
  • Temperature environment for packaged parts
    Tenney Jr environmental chamber (-40°C to 125°C)
  • DC Analyzers
    • HP4155
    • HP4142 (1x HCU, 2x HPSMU, 1x MPSMU)
  • LCR Analyzers
    • HP4284
    • HP4285
  • Network Analyzers
    • Keysight ENA E5072A (9GHz)
    • Agilent PNA E8361A (67GHz)

Silvaco SPICE Modeling Services

MOS Technology

  • Typically ten to twelve NMOS and PMOS geometries are measured at specified temperature points for DC model
  • Area and sidewall junction capacitances, oxide capacitance and overlap capacitances are measured and parameters extracted
  • Models available include Level 1,2,3, BSIM3, BSIM4, BSIM-BULK, PSP, HV MOS Level 88, HiSIM, HiSIMHV and HiSIMHV2

BIPOLAR Technology

  • DC, junction capacitances, AC (s-parameters), temperature measurements for DC
  • Models available include Gummel Poon, Mextram, VBIC, Hicum

Other Supported Technologies

  • Diode: Level 1, 2, 3
  • TFT: Poly-Si and Amorphous Si TFT models
  • Macro-models


  • Measured versus simulated data plots
  • SPICE formatted libraries
  • Raw measured data files can also be provided