• Process Design Kits

Process Design Kits (PDKs)

Silvaco offers custom PDKs for over 20 semiconductor foundries to enable our custom analog design tools. Examples of some of our current supported Foundry PDKs include:


AC18 (180nm)

S35 (350nm)


S8 (130nm)

C9 (90nm)


CA13 (130nm)

SBC13 (130nm)

C*18 (180nm)

SBC18 (180nm)

TS18 (180nm)

BCD25 (250nm)

CA25 (250nm)

SBC35 (350nm)


X*018 (180nm)

X*035 (350nm)`

CX06 (600nm)

X*06 (600nm)

YITOA Micro Technology


The above are a sample of some of our currently supported PDKs. To check the availability of your required Foundry PDK or to explore our PDK service capabilities, please contact your local salesperson.

Silvaco also provides foundry-specific and generic or demonstration process design kits.