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To purchase licenses please contact Silvaco.

Online Issue Reporting

Silvaco offers software license holders an up-to-date maintenance contract the ability to log support requests and report bugs through this website.

Request access to online issue reporting

To gain access to this service, log into the website and click 'Request access to online issue tracking'. To help us to verify your identity and that you qualify for online support, you will be asked for your license server's 'CodeName'.

Create a ticket to report an issue

Clicking 'Create a ticket to report an issue' allows you to log a support request or report a bug. Our Application Engineers will be informed as soon as a request is logged and will act on it.

View my support tickets

Clicking 'View my support tickets' shows all the tickets that you have opened with us and what their status is. From here you may close a ticket at any time by clicking 'Close Ticket' or add more information to it by clicking 'Add Note'.

Share my support tickets with others

Clicking 'Share my support tickets with others' allows other members of your team to see any tickets that you have opened simply by specifying their email address. This means that if two of you find the same problem and your co-worker reports it, you will see at a glance if it has already been reported and don't have to make the duplicate effort of doing so.

If someone shares their tickets with you, you will see them in your own listing when you click 'View my support tickets'.

Silos 1 Year License

Online licensing of Silos has been discontinued. Silos is now fully supported through our regular sales channel, please contact your local sales office for license options.

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