Victory TCAD Solution

Complete Process, Device Modeling and Simulation Flow

Leader in Power, Display, Optoelectronics

Virtual Wafer Fab Experimentation

Technology Co-Optimization Environment

Victory TCAD Solution

Complete Process, Device Modeling and Simulation Flow

Leader in Power, Display, Optoelectronics

Virtual Wafer Fab Experimentation

Technology Co-Optimization Environment

Semiconductor Process and Device Simulation

TCAD Software Solutions are key to develop new semiconductor processes and devices, as part of the R&D cycles





Etch, Deposition, Epitaxy



  • 2D and 3D Device Re-Meshing
  • 2D and 3D Solid Modeling

Drift-Diffusion Based Device Physics

DC, AC, and Transient Analysis

Mixed Mode Simulation (TCAD + SPICE co-simulation)

Optical + Electrical Simulation


Atomic-Scale Transport Simulation


Device Characterization and SPICE Modeling


RC Extraction


High Performance & High Accuracy Parallel SPICE Simulator

Benefits of TCAD

Reduce Development Costs

  • Reduce the time and manufacturing cycles spent to develop semiconductor technologies
  • ITRS roadmaps indicates that TCAD simulation can reduce the costs during development cycles by ~30%

Visualize Internal Physical Processes

  • Using simulation, you can see ‘inside” the device. Experimental measurements tell you what happens, but not why it happens. TCAD can tell you why. For example:
    • Reverse voltage characterization on a power device tells you what happens at high reverse biases. The  device experiences reverse breakdown at a specific voltage
    • A TCAD simulation can also replicate the reverse current-voltage curve, but also can also tell you why the device is experiencing breakdown. In TCAD the engineer can “see inside” the device and identify what region within the semiconductor first succumbs to breakdown due to high impact ionization generation

Design Technology Co-Optimization (DTCO)

  • TCAD is part of a DTCO flow which improves designs across multiple domains – Layout, Process, Device, SPICE, and RC extraction
  •  A full TCAD to SPICE flow, in an integrated DTCO environment, delivers clear actionable results for circuit design optimization

Virtual Experimentation

  • Experiment with cause and effect: Change the device design (layout), technology (semiconductor process steps) or device operation condition (biasing, etc) and understand and improve device performance
  • Experiment with theories in TCAD: control the impact of various physics in the device via model settings and coefficients. If theory as applied to simulation matches the measured result, you may have found the root cause and gained physical understanding of device performance

Communicate Device Complexities Clearly

  • Semiconductor device design, and processing of semiconductors is a complex task. Engineers must work collaboratively to solve problems, explain issues and opportunities to a variety of colleagues with varied technical expertise
  • Utilizing TCAD can clearly communicate device and process changes; communicating potential performance improvements with clarity while minimizing manufacturing cycle times

Silvaco TCAD solutions are built in-house and are industry proven with thousands of Commercial, Government, and University customers and decades of proven use in the semiconductor industry!

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Takashi Shinohe
 We are developing gallium oxide devices with a completely new proprietary manufacturing method. Utilizing a device simulator will become important in order to efficiently develop such new devices. For the decision to use Silvaco’s device simulator, the deciding factors were Silvaco’s extensive track record with wide band gap semiconductors, and Silvaco’s depth of knowledge of power devices. We expect to see even more progress in our development of GaO™ power devices as we move toward practical applications. 
Coby Hanoch
 Silvaco provides state-of-the-art device models and TCAD tools that are widely used by semiconductor companies. We are excited to establish this joint development program with Silvaco so customers will have early access to our ReRAM technology on the most powerful simulation tools in the industry and can fast-track the release of their next-generation products. This is another key step by Weebit Nano to accelerate the incorporation of ReRAM technology by a larger number of OEM customers.