• Victory Process

Victory Process 2D and 3D Layout-Driven Simulator

TCAD Process simulation is crucial to develop new technologies, as well as maintain existing semiconductor processes.  Virtualizing the manufacturing process allows organizations to maintain a “digital twin” of their semiconductor process.  Changes in process can be well understood; maximizing device performance, increase manufacturing yield, while minimizing number of  engineering cycles and cycle time.


  • Allow optimization of existing processes and provides predictive scaling behavior
  • Increase understanding of novel technology challenges
  • Reduce mask and prototyping foundry cost by replacing experiments by simulation
  • Reduce time-to-market by creation of virtual process based PDK prior to silicon for fabless companies

Typical Applications

  • Advanced CMOS: FinFET, FDSOI, Bulk CMOS
  • Display technology: TFT, LED, OLED
  • Power & RF technologies: Silicon BiCMOS and BCD, SiC, GaN
  • Optical and photonics: CIS, Solar Cell, Laser, Waveguides, Modulators

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