• Display Technology Solutions

From Device Technology Development to Complete Display Design

Display Development Environment

Silvaco’s display development solution enables designers to develop displays from the pixel level device to a complete manufacturing ready design. Silvaco’s display development solutions are in production use with industry leading display panel providers worldwide.

Utilizing proprietary built-in functions custom-tailored for display device and circuit design, our solution enables display designers to create, model, and simulate physical devices at the device level with TCAD. For display circuit design, our solution delivers a high-performance design environment including schematic capture, circuit layout and simulation, and physical verification.

ExpertVictory ProcessVictory DeviceUtmost IVVictory RCx ProExpertSmartSpiceGatewaySmartSpice


Backplane (CMOS, TFT)
Flexible and Stretchable Substrate


Industry’s only complete display device development solution
Supports all backplane and light emitting technologies
Rich set of proprietary technologies to reduce costs and time to market
Access to deep expertise supporting leading display manufacturers


Vehicle Display
Smartphone and Tablet
Smart Wearable, AR / VR
Transparent Display

Technology Development

Process and Device Simulation

  • Process modeling and emulation
  • Drift/Diffusion device simulation
  • Complete coverage of multiple transistor types including a-Si TFT, LTPS TFT, IGZO TFT, and Bulk CMOS
  • Bump/tail density of states modeling, mobility models specific to poly-Si and amorphous materials
  • Modeling bending stress effects, hydrogen effects, grain effects
  • Emitter devices including LED, OLED, microLED / microOLED
  • Proprietary mobility model with self-heating effects
  • Reverse Ray Tracing
  • TFT electrical stress effects
  • Device design and experimentation

Device Modeling

  • A variety of optimization algorithms, enabling flexible strategies for parameter extraction
  • Wide selection of TFT compact models
    • 4 Terminal Silvaco-proprietary TFT Model
    • Supports Verilog-A parameter extraction, heavily utilized in the FPD industry
    • RPI Amorphous-Si, polysilicon, and universal organic TFT Models
Victory Process TFT
Utmost IV Modeling Curves
SmartSpice 4-Terminal Model
SmartSpice Flex Modeling

Design, Simulation and Verification

Schematic and Layout

  • Device Explorer – basic characteristics of the device in a circuit schematic are immediately accessible, and can be explored in simulation
  • DRC assist, edit-in-place, connectivity highlighting, short locator, embedded layout vs. layout, cross-sectional viewer
  • Equal-resistance router, route along curve, pixel with frame, fan shaped connections, clone wires, slot wires

Parasitic Extraction

  • Fast, accurate cell and full panel coverage


  • Image quality improvement features to address image retention and sticking
  • Proprietary 4-terminal TFT SPICE model
  • Cell and full panel circuit simulation

Physical Verification

  • High-performance physical verification with high accuracy and speed from cell level to full panel verification