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Victory Device Simulator

TCAD device simulation is key to develop next generation semiconductor devices, giving insights into complex physical phenomena. Victory Device can execute physics-based device simulations to predict and understand device performance.


  • Electrical, chemical, thermal and optical characterization of advanced semiconductor devices allows for device performance optimization
  • Understanding the challenges of current technologies leads to reduced product development time
  • Exploration of novel device technologies for next-generation devices


  • Advanced CMOS, Bulk CMOS, PDSOI, FDSOI, FinFET
  • Power and RF, BCD, Power Diode, IGBT, Thyristor, GaN HEMT, SiC DMOS, SiC LMOS, etc
  • Display Technology – Amorphous-Si, Poly-Si, and IGZO TFT, LED, OLED, MicroLED
  • Optoelectronics, CCD, CMOS Image Sensor, Avalanche Photodiode, PiN Photodiode, Solar Cell

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