SPICE Model Validation

(part II)


The importance of the MOS device SPICE model validation and the introduction of the validation routine in UTMOST III was presented in Simulation Standard article issued on September 1996. The recent developments and the practical applications for the “Validate” routine will be presented in this article.

The validate routine allows users to verify the measured versus simulated parameters such as VSAT (Saturation Voltage), ISAT (Saturation Current) and VTH (Threshold Voltage) for the range of L-array or W-array devices. Different combination of the L-array devices or W-array devices or parameters can be selected using the flags in the fit variable screen of the “Validate” routine.

Data Acquisition

The Validate routine can only read measurement data from BSIM3_MG and ALL_DC routines. The Validate routine can not be used for measurement. The measurement variables in the measurement setup screen is used for simulation only.