UTMOST Log File Conversion for TonyPlot

A new feature has recently been added to UTMOST: the ability to convert UTMOST log files into a format suitable for viewing in TonyPlot. This new feature is controlled from the UTMOST Output Log File screen, and is compatible with all UTMOST plot types. The conversion process will also automatically produce the derivative data types associated with certain UTMOST routines (such as the mosfet module’s ALL_DC, or the bipolar module’s BF and BR).

The Output Log File screen is illustrated in Figure 1. To perform a log file conversion, the user types the name of the UTMOST logfile (eg. ‘logfile’) into the input field ‘Source File 1’, and then presses the ‘TonyPlot’ button. This will result in the creation of two new files with additional suffixes ‘.sff’ and ‘.set’. These files should be supplied to TonyPlot with a command line of the form: