Q. What is the typical method of measuring flicker noise using S3245A Noise Amplifier?


A. A typical noise measurement setup and the measurement equipment used for noise measurements were explained in the previous issue of the Simulation Standard.

In order to measure the flicker noise UTMOST III user needs to have a S3245A Noise Amplifier, DC Analyzer, A Dynamic Signal Analyzer (The list of available Dynamic Signal Analyzers were listed in the previous issue) and UTMOST III MOS module.

Prior to the noise measurements or modeling the DC characteristics of the MOS device should be measured. The MOS DC model should be extracted using UTMOST III local or global optimization techniques. The MOS model which is used for DC modeling should include the noise model which is intended for noise parameter extraction. The extracted DC model parameters should be present in the UTMOST III parameter screen.

After the DC model is extracted the Dynamic Signal Analyzer’s measurement setup should be defined. A typical hardware settings for noise measurement is presented in Figure1.