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vwfex04 : Back End Capacitance Optimization

Requires: VWF, CLEVER

This example demonstrates the use of CLEVER within VWF. You should be familiar with CLEVER syntax before running this example. Please refer to the CLEVER manual for a detailed syntax description. Starting from a gds file of an inverter, CLEVER will simulate the 3D backend process and extract corresponding capacitances. For demonstration purposes CLEVER will be used in this example in 2D mode. The objective is to calculate and analyse the capacitance between the input and substrate of the inverter as a function of inter-dielectric metal thickness (pmd_thick). To do so, a baseline input deck was loaded in VWF and pmd_thick was defined as the variable whereas "In""substrate" capacitances were defined as outputs using the extract statement.

The capacitance exhibits a bell shape due to the competition of the vertical and lateral capacitances.

To open and run this example, select the Help Load example button in the VWF explorer. This will import all examples into your database. Once imported, the examples will be available under the directory called examples.

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