• Security Cores

Silvaco Security IP targets a wide-range of Mobile, IoT and Automotive SoC devices for Samsung Foundry. It supplements the primary system processor with a full array of security services, such as secure boot and runtime integrity checking, remote authentication and attestation, and hardware acceleration for symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic algorithms.

Security SystemsIoTFor IoT, includes Security Processor (CM0+), ROM, RAM, all Crypto engines
MobileFor Mobile, includes Security Processor (CM0+), ROM, RAM, DMA, all Crypto engines
ADASFor Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, includes Security Processor (CM7), ROM, RAM, DMA, Safety, all Crypto engines
CryptoCrypto system includes DMA and all Crypto engines

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Srinath Anantharaman
 The integrated solution enables design teams to collaborate efficiently in a secure design environment when developing their IPs or SoCs either locally or across multiple design sites. It enables design teams to successfully tapeout their designs by mitigating the risk by sharing and using the correct version of the design data and IPs. 
Rick Lazansky
 Over the past two years, Silicon Catalyst has been working with key industry players to develop a complete ecosystem that economically and effectively supports the new wave of semiconductor startups that we are seeing today. Our Portfolio Companies have consistently been requesting IP as the critical element that we had not been able to deliver. Silvaco’s offering fulfills a real hole that has been impeding the success of these startups. We are glad to deliver this capability as we continue to build the semiconductor start up ecosystem.