• Foundation IP

Foundation IP for Memories, Standard Cells, and I/Os

Silvaco offers a complete portfolio of Foundation IP for silicon foundries and designers of ASICs and SoCs:

For over 25 years Silvaco has been providing Foundation IP to the design community. Silvaco is committed to offering best-in-class Foundation IP and associated services and is a one-stop shop for chip developers, fabless companies, and foundries.

Memory Compilers

Silvaco offers leading-edge single port and dual port SRAM, 1 port and 2 port Register File, and ROM memory compilers for general purpose, low power or high performance applications. Silvaco SRAMs can be configured to operate at low voltages and have ultra low power standby capabilities to extend the effective battery life of end products.

Our memory compilers target multiple processes and nodes in multiple foundries and have been proven in hundreds of designs and applications. Silvaco memory compilers support both CMOS and FDSOI processes.

Architecture and Flexible Design
  • Optimized power/performance/area for all types of ASIC and SoC designs
  • Supports high-performance, cost-sensitive, and low-power applications
  • Supports multiple foundries and process variants
Efficient Power Management
  • Multiple power modes for low-leakage requirement
  • Compiler options for dual rails, embedded switches, and many additional architectural features
  • Multiple periphery Vt options
  • Power management modes
High Yield
  • Verified for global and local variation tolerant design
  • ECC bits, word-size, and address flexibility for redundancy
  • BIST for post-silicon verification

Standard Cell Libraries

Silvaco standard cell libraries have a modern and up to date architecture that include the latest features and advances in cell design. Libraries are architected to support migration to different modes and process variants.

A wide range of track heights offers silicon foundries the right choice of performance and low power for any application.

The standard cell libraries provide a rich set of ultra-low power and ultra-high-performance cells with optimized cell structures in planar and FinFET technologies. The libraries provide large number of standard cells, with multiple VTs and track heights, and offer thousands of cell variants.


Silvaco’s I/O product portfolio includes optimized General Purpose and Specialty IO’s.  I/O cells can be targeted to different foundry nodes and process variants.

  • GPIO – General Purpose IO interface for control logic and SRAM
  • PCI – Board level interface for peripherals
  • SSTL – Stub Series Terminated Logic interface to DDR memory
  • LVDS – Low Voltage Differential signal interface for high bandwidth and noise immune applications

Additional Information

For more information on Silvaco embedded memory, standard cell library, or I/O Foundation IP, contact Sales@silvaco.com or