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vwfex03 : VT Optimization Using an Optimization Approach


The objective of this example is to optimize 4 process parameters (gate oxide time and temp as well as Vt adjust implant dose and energy) in order to get a targetted Vt of 0.65V. In this experiment we used a different approach compared to vwfex03.in. Here a direct optimization method is used (no DOE) and a global optimizer (Parallel Tempering) was selected in VWF. The acceptable error was set to 0.01% and number of replicas set to 5. Comparison with the DOE approach can be made (see vwfex03.in)

To open and run this example, select the Help Load example button in the VWF explorer. This will import all examples into your database. Once imported, the examples will be available under the directory called examples.

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