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vwfex02 : VT Optimization Using a DOE Approach


The objective is to optimize 4 process parameters (gate oxide time, temperature, Vt adjust implant dose, and energy) in order to get a targetted Vt of 0.65V. In this experiment we defined a Box-benken DOE in order to generate a quadratic model of Vt as a function of the 4 process variables in SPAYN and then perform a synthesis analysis in TonyPlot by setting Vt to 0.65V. Comparison with a direct optimization approach can be made (see vwfex03.in).

Thanks to the RSM, Yield and failure were also performed.

To open and run this example, select the Help Load example button in the VWF explorer. This will import all examples into your database. Once imported, the examples will be available under the directory called examples.

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