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check_ex03 : Checking for Binned Model Discontinuities

Requires: Utmost IV, SmartSpice, SmartView

Minimum Versions: Utmost IV 1.10.6.R, SmartSpice 4.10.2.R, SmartView 2.28.2.R

This example describes how to use the model check module to check for binned model threshold voltage discontinuities using an extraction plot.

After the check_ex03.prj model check project is loaded, the project window will appear as shown in check_ex03_01.png .

The extraction plot is defined to plot the linear threshold voltage versus device length. The model library in this example project contains two binned model cards 'NMOS.1' and 'NMOS.2'. The first model covers device lengths from 100nm to 500nm and the second from 500nm and above.

When the model check sequence is run, the extraction plot is displayed as shown in check_ex03_02.png . This plot shows clearly a discontinuity in the threshold voltage when moving from one binned model to another.

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