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script_ex04 : Create binned models from point model cards

Requires: Utmost IV

Minimum Versions: Utmost IV 1.10.6.R

This example describes how to create BSIM4 binned models given a bunch of point model cards.

The point model cards used for this example are stored in the script_ex04_point_models.lfile. They are BSIM4 (Level 54 MOSFET) model cards, which have been individually extracted to fit a specific geometry (i.e., WxL) MOSFET device. The correspondence between the model card name and its specific geometry is entered using a Javascript array of specially formatted objects, as shown in script_ex04.png .

The script loops through the list of geometries trying to identify adjacent geometry devices. When 4 such devices have been found, the script creates a binned model. This is a single model card that covers the 4 WxL geometries ("corners of the bin") and all the possible WxL combinations inside the "bin". The loop continues until all possible bin models have been created.

The Utmost IV script is shown here script_ex04.sjs.

The script file and the input model library files must be saved into the directory from which you run the following command.

utmost4 -s script_ex04.sjs

When the script runs, the point models will be read in from the input library. The resulting binned models will be saved in an output file script_ex04_bin_model.l.

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