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script_ex03 : Writing measured data into CSV files

Requires: Utmost IV

Minimum Versions: Utmost IV 1.11.2.R

This example describes how to use a script to write measured data into CSV files.

The measured data file script_ex03.uds contains the ID vs VG measurement of five different devices. The Utmost IV script shown here script_ex03.sjs will generate five separate CSV files which contain the measured data. The name of each CSV file is automatically generated from the device name in the dataset.

The script file and the input dataset file must be saved into the directory from which you run the following command.

utmost4 -s script_ex03.sjs

When the script runs, the Utmost IV data file will be read in from the directory and then the output CSV files will be generated. An example of one of these CSV files is shown here script_ex03_n1x1.csv.

Note that the ID vs VG dataset includes a function to calculate the gm of the transistor. These calculated gm values are automatically written out into the CSV file for convenience.

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