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script_ex02 : Comparing Two Model Cards

Requires: Utmost IV

Minimum Versions: Utmost IV 1.10.6.R

This example describes how to use a script to compare two model cards.

It is not necessary for the model parameters to appear in the same order in each of the model cards. It is not necessary for the model parameters to have the same 'case' in each of the model cards. For example, a parameter called 'VTH0' is the same as a parameter called 'vth0', since SPICE is case insensitive.

The script will generate a report output file when it is done which will describe the model differences or let you know that the models are identical. The script will alert you to the following differences.

  • Model card types are different
  • Parameter values are different
  • Parameter expressions are different
  • Parameter is an expression in one card and a value in the other
  • Parameter exists only in one of the cards

The Utmost IV script is shown here script_ex02.sjs. The models in this example are called nmos1 and nmos2 and are contained in the files script_ex02_model1.l and script_ex02_model2.l.

The script file and the input model library files must be saved into the directory from which you run the following command.

utmost4 -s script_ex02.sjs

When the script runs, the models will be read in from the input library files, then an output report script_ex02_report.txt will be generated which will describe any differences in the model cards.

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