• Analog Custom Design & Analysis Examples

script_ex01 : Adding a Function to Existing Datasets

Requires: Utmost IV

Minimum Versions: Utmost IV 1.10.6.R

This example describes how to use a script to add a function to some datasets which have previously been generated.

The already measured data is contained in the script_ex01_in.uds file. When this data was measured, someone forgot to add the function to calculate the mosfet transistor transconductance to the idvg characteristic. Using a script, it is possible to correct this mistake. The Utmost IV script is shown here script_ex01.sjs.

The script file and the input data file must be saved into the directory from which you run the following command.

utmost4 -s script_ex01.sjs

When the script runs, the datasets will be read in from the input data file, then the new function will be added to each of the datasets. Finally, the datasets with the new function added will be written out to the output data file script_ex01_out.uds.

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