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acq_ex02 : Linear vs List Sweep Measurement

Requires: Utmost IV, SmartSpice, SmartView

Minimum Versions: Utmost IV 1.10.6.R, SmartSpice 4.10.6.R, SmartView 2.28.2.R

This example describes how to measure a dataset using either a linear sweep or a list sweep. For demo purposes, the example will measure or more correctly acquire the dataset using simulation mode, rather than using measurement mode.

The project file acq_ex02.prj for this example should be loaded into your database. When opened, the project will look as shown in acq_ex02_01.png .

This project contains two measurement setups, one containing a linear sweep on the gate (node g) of the transistor shown in acq_ex02_02.png , the second containing a list sweep as shown in acq_ex02_03.png .

The list sweep is defined using the list editor dialog shown in acq_ex02_04.png . The list can contain any number of points in any order. The example shows one typical use of the list sweep, where more measurement points are desired at low gate voltage and then fewer at a higher gate voltage. This was achieved by adding 21 points between 0 and 1 volt and then 11 additional points between 0 and 5 volt. The sweep was then sorted which removed the duplicate values and sorted into ascending order as shown in acq_ex02_05.png .

When the measurement sequence is run, two datasets are generated and stored into the database automatically. Viewing both of these datasets together shows the difference between the two, with the list sweep having more points measured in the subthreshold region shown in acq_ex02_06.png .

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