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acq_ex10 : DC Measurement using Ground Unit

Requires: Utmost IV, SmartSpice, SmartView

Minimum Versions: Utmost IV 1.10.6.R, SmartSpice 4.10.6.R, SmartView 2.28.2.R

This example describes how to perform measurements using a ground unit in your measurement instrument.

The project file acq_ex10.prj for this example should be loaded into your database. When opened, the project will look as shown in acq_ex10_01.png . The device to be measured is a four terminal MOSFET. In this example, our hardware is a hp_4142 instrument which only has three source/measurement units or SMUs, as shown in acq_ex10_02.png . In order to perform the measurement, we must make use of the ground unit which is available on this instrument.

To make use of the ground unit, the measurement setup must have a zero valued voltage source which does not have a current measurement associated with it. This project contains a measurement setup called idvd which is shown in acq_ex10_03.png . In this setup, both the source and the body are zero valued voltage sources, but the body current is also being measured. So only the source can be used with the ground unit.

In the connections, the source must be connected to 'manual:GND' as shown in acq_ex10_04.png .

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