MOS OP point

001_mos_op : MOS OP point

Requires: SmartSpice & Smartview

Minimum Versions: SMARTSPICE 3.16.12.R

In this input deck a simple MOS level=3 device is optimized against a DATA set for a DC family of curves and the final errorlimits reported in the output log window. The optimizing parameters are: RS, RD, LD, NSUB, VTO, UO, VMAX, XJ, ETA and THETA with their defined limits set in the input deck for this simple MOS model. The final set of DC sweeps for optimized vs target are shown in plot .

Doing an optimization of the rise and fall of a simple inverter circuit this input deck uses a basic NMOS and PMOS level 3 device to form an inverter. An optimization is done on the rise and fall times for this inverter circuit over a variation in supply voltage and the resulting plot shows the final waveforms and the data printed in the output log window of the GUI.