• Analog Custom Design & Analysis Examples

    Analog Custom Design & Analysis Examples

016_net_multi_port : NPort analysis

Requires: SmartSpice & Smartview

Minimum Versions: SMARTSPICE 3.16.12.R

  • .Net (Nport) 4 port analysis on a passive circuit network.

A 4 port network example composed of passive elements is analysed with the .NET analysis. This an N port example to show how a larger number of ports that the standard 2 port network can be used and analysed. The analysis outputs both S, Y and Z parameter sets to show the frequency response both at the input and the output ports of this circuit. You can add MEASURE statements to extract key vector information if you specify in input deck something of the form.

.MEASURE NET <new_par_name> CROSS m(y(ph1h,ph2h)) VAL=0.5 OCCOUR=1

depending on what you want to extract from the simulation run. For this example with 4 ports there are 16 combinations (4 to power of 2), so for each S,Y,Z parameter results you will have 16 vectors.

Input Files
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