Build Connectivity Information for Layout Objects

001_connectivity : Build Connectivity Information for Layout Objects

Minimum Required Version : Expert 4.8.8.R, Guardian 4.8.8.R

This example demonstrates how to build connectivity information. For building connectivity, Guardian DRC requires two statements:

  • CONNECT_ORDER: This statement defines layer connectivity sequence from bottom to top.

  • CONNECT: This statement connects two layers with/without contact layer.

This operation is used in various situations to enable advanced DRC verification dependant on node potentials.

This example drc file can detect "N-ACT" Space errors according to two rules, one is for different nodes, another is for same nodes using the following descriptions.

   // Define the Connect_Order statement
   Connect_Order: NSD, PSD, POLY, METAL1;
   //Define the Connect statement between METAL1 and N-ACT("NSD")
   CONNECT: Layer1=METAL1, Layer2=NSD,       LayerC=CONTACT;
   // Check N-ACT Space < 2 for different nodes
   // Options=(C) checks only for pairs of segments
   //      that belong to different nodes.
   OutDistance: Options=(R,C), Layer=NSD, LayerR=N-ACT_D_diff, Limits < 2,
                ID = "N-ACT Space error: @Difference node < 2";
   // Check N-ACT Space < 1 for different nodes
   // Options=(C') checks only for pairs of segments
   //      that belong to the same node.
   OutDistance: Options=(R,C'), Layer=NSD, LayerR=N-ACT_D_same, Limits < 1,
                ID = "N-ACT same nodes Space error: @Same node < 1";

Please refer to build_connectivity.dsf for details.

To run the example:

1) Start Guardian DRC or Expert.
2) Load "build_connectivity.eld" and open the "build_connectivity" cell (File->Open). See build_connectivity_lay.png
3) Load build_connectivity.dsf script from the Script panel (Verification->DRC->DRC Script Panel).
4) Run DRC (DRC->Run).
5) View DRC errors (select DRC->Errors->Load Errors and click "Load" in the Load DRC Errors dialog).
See build_connectivity_error.png

As a result, Guardian DRC detects only an "N-ACT" space error for different nodes, because another "N-ACT" space is connected between the "N-ACT" layer by "METAL1"

To learn more about Guardian DRC commands and their syntax, see the Guardian DRC user manual "guardian_users1.pdf" located in lib/expert/4.8.8.R/docs/ in your installation area.