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013_inherited_nets_ringosc : Inherited Nets Ring Oscillator schematic

Minimum Required Versions: Gateway 2.12.8.R, SmartSpice 3.16.11.R

This example is a ring oscillator hierarchical schematic which illustrates the use of the netInherit symbol (see Example13.png ). This symbol is from the spicelib library. Any net properties defined on this symbol will be applied to this level and the next level below.

In this case, four net properties are defined and given values. The [power1]=[vcc1] net property means that vcc1 will be substituted on the level below for the [power1]:[%] signal, and so on.

The benefit of using this netInherit symbol is that you can effectively override any net property with another value. The second and third level schematics (see second.png and third.png )show how the netexpressions are defined and how the net properties above can override default values.

Input Files
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