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010_3phase : Three Phase Schematic

Minimum Required Versions: Gateway 2.12.8.R, SmartSpice 3.16.11.R

The three phase schematic example ( schematic.png ) shows a source of three identical voltage sources that are phase shifted by 120 degrees. The diode bridge rectifier contains six diodes, each conducting for 120 degrees per cycle, and a new diode conducting after a 60 degree interval. A load resistor and smoothing capacitor are connected across the output. The output.png voltage waveform shows the rectified voltage which has been smoothed via the filtering capacitor C1.

Removing the capacitor (see nocapacitor.png ) can be done by right clicking the capacitor and selecting Disconnect from the menu. Thus, the effect on the output can be seen without the capacitor as the waveform resembles the pulse cycling of the diodes (see rectified.png ).

After reconnecting the capacitor (right clicking and select Connect), the plots of currents (see plots.png ) show comparisons of currents from the V1 source, the current through diode D1, and the current through the load resistor.

Input Files
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