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Easy design migration to Silvaco Custom Design flow via OpenAccess

This webinar will provide an overview for how circuit designers can use Silvaco’s schematic capture tool, Gateway and layout editor, Expert in an OpenAccess environment.

OpenAccess has become the choice and standard when dealing with interoperability between different vendors and Silvaco has added this functionality to its custom design tools to enable design portability.

In this webinar we will focus on showing how to incorporate an iPDK based design into the Silvaco flow and its potential uses, including callback scripting and instantiation.

What attendees will learn:

  • What is OpenAccess
  • Differences between OPDK and iPDK
  • How to use OpenAccess in the Silvaco custom design environment
  • Key challenges
    • Inter-operability
    • Differences between PDK types


Brian Bradburn is Sr Director and Head of Silvaco’s EDA Front-end/Back-end Division. He is responsible for all aspects of the Front-end and Back-end Custom IC design flow division from R&D to field operations.

Since joining Silvaco in 2001, he has been responsible for integrating the Silvaco products, been directly responsible for the creation of the schematic capture tool and architect of the custom design flow.

When: March 17, 2016
Where: Online
Time: 10:00am-11:00am  (PST)
Language: English


Academics, engineers and management looking for more information on OpenAccess, iPDK, and oPDK and how to incorporate these into the Silvaco flow.