TCAD-based GaN HEMT Scalable Modeling Flow Using the MVSG Compact Model


Gallium Nitride High Electron Mobility (GaN HEMT) device technology has gained a lot of traction during the last years. These devices have significant advantages compared to Silicon in user applications such as high frequency/high power amplifiers, radar systems, power conversion and applications where stability over a wide range of temperatures is required, such as automotive-related.

This fast growing demand has in turn created the need for good compact models which are required so that GaN HEMT devices can be accurately used with SPICE circuit simulators. Compact modeling efforts have been driven by the Si2 Compact Model Council, which very recently has adopted two model candidates as standard for the modeling of GaN HEMT:

  • The ASM model, originally developed at UC Berkeley, by a group under the leadership of Prof. Sourabh and Prof. Yogesh [1].
  • The MVSG model, originally developed at the MIT, in Prof. Antoniadis’s group [2].