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Learn How Victory Atomistic TCAD Solution Can Help You Succeed at Prototyping Atomistic Nanoscale Devices

Ultra-scaled Field-Effect Transistor (FET) technology requires simulations at the atomic scale for designing the most advanced technological architectures at 5 nm node and below. Thanks to Victory Atomistic’s combination of non-equilibrium Green’s functions (NEGF) and state-of-the-art band structure calculations, versatile, predictive, and fast simulations become accessible. To illustrate Victory Atomistic usage, we will use a silicon Nanowire Field-Effect Transistor (NWFET) with a small cross-section, including several electron-phonon scattering mechanisms, within the self-consistent Born approximation, and optimized by a generalized low-rank projection.

We will show how simulating NWFETs becomes easy to perform, even without full academic knowledge of the NEGF theory; the complexity is hidden inside the simulation tool which benefits from years of development at the highest level, Victory Atomistic optimization allows users to obtain a meaningful I(V) curve daily, and its integration within the Silvaco environment provides a smooth transition for TCAD users.

What You Will Learn
  • Why atomistic simulation becomes necessary at low scale
  • How to set up the Victory Atomistic TCAD environment
  • Nanowire FET: Simulation capabilities of Victory Atomistic
  • Performances, visualization of results, and extension to other configurations


Philippe BlaiseDr. Philippe Blaise, Senior Application Engineer, Silvaco TCAD Division

Dr. Philippe Blaise has been a senior application engineer in atomistic simulation at Silvaco’s TCAD Division for three years. Prior to joining Silvaco, Dr. Blaise was a senior engineer specialized in atomistic simulation of new memory devices and transistors at CEA/LETI for 15 years. He is a former member of the IEEE IEDM Modelling and Simulation Committee. He is co-author of more than 50 papers in peer-review journals in the field and 30 contributions to conferences and workshops, plus 5 patents and one book chapter.
Dr. Blaise holds a Master’s degree in applied mathematics from ENSIMAG engineering school and a Ph.D. in solid states physics from the Université Grenoble Alpes, France.


TCAD engineers and management looking for solutions to efficiently achieve ultra-fast simulations of next generation atomistic devices in advanced process geometries.

When: September 8, 2022
Where: Online
Time: 10:00am-10:30am-(PDT)
Language: English