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Learn About Victory Visual, Silvaco’s New Graphical Visualization Solution for TCAD

Victory Visual Victory Visual is a new graphical post processing-tool for use with all Silvaco TCAD simulators. It is an integral part of the TCAD Interactive Tools suite. Victory Visual can operate standalone or along with other Silvaco TCAD tools, such as DeckBuild. While users of TonyPlot or TonyPlot3D will find some of the functionality familiar, Victory Visual includes new capabilities and a new user interface, resulting in easier use and improved display capabilities.

In this webinar, we will take a walkthrough of the functionalities of Victory Visual–the latest generation of Silvaco’s tool for TCAD visualization. This webinar is intended as a how-to guide to get acquainted with Victory Visual’s key features as well as a quick exploration of its atomistic and solid modeling capabilities. We will address most questions from the perspective of a user of previous Silvaco’s TCAD tools as well as from the perspective of a new user.

What You Will Learn

  •  What is Victory Visual and what it can be used for
  • How to explore and sort data
  • How to manipulate views in 2D and 3D
  •  Different ways to compare files
  •  How to use Victory Visual within DeckBuild
  • How to use set files
  • How to display contours
  • How to do cut planes and cut lines
  • How to use the probe and ruler
  • How to edit preferences and material colors
  • How to use functions to transform quantities on all data types
  • How to browse files in a slideshow
  • How to set up atomic bonding and radius visualization
  • How to use the Victory Mesh interface


Thomas KurzanskiThomas Kurzanski, Visualization Development Engineer, Silvaco Inc
French game programmer living abroad.
Graduated from the University of Technology of Compiegne in computer science and embedded systems. Bachelor of measurement science at the Mesures Physiques IUT of Marseille.


TCAD engineers and management looking for solutions to efficiently achieve ultra-fast simulations of next generation atomistic devices in advanced process geometries.

When: September 22, 2022
Where: Online
Time: 10:00am-10:30am-(PDT)
Language: English