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TCAD-based Model Extraction Flow for GaN HEMT Devices – Part 2

This webinar represents a continuation of a previously presented parameter extraction methodology for GaN HEMT devices. This will include generating I-V and C-V data through TCAD device simulations. Asymmetric vs. symmetric device structures are considered. The extraction of SPICE model I-V and capacitance parameters will be illustrated in detail, with emphasis on asymmetric devices.

What attendees will learn:

  • Asymmetric vs. symmetric device GaN HEMT structures
  • Generating I-V and capacitance data using TCAD device simulation
  • I-V and C-V data conversion for parameter extraction
  • Extraction of SPICE model parameters for GaN HEMT devices
    • Parameter extraction of asymmetric devices
    • I-V modeling
    • Capacitance modeling
    • Flow description
    • Running the flow and illustrating the results


Dr. Bogdan Tudor is Head of Silvaco’s Device Characterization Group. He is responsible for all aspects of the Device Characterization Group’s activities, including R&D, field operations and modeling services. He joined Silvaco in 2017. Prior to joining Silvaco, Dr. Tudor has been a Principal Software Architect at ProPlus Design Solutions for 4 years and before that he was a Senior R&D Engineer with Synopsys for 12 years. Dr. Tudor has an extensive expertise in Device characterization, Compact Model development, MOSFET Aging Reliability Analysis and Software development.

Dr. Tudor holds a MS in Electrical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Microelectronics from the Polytechnic University in Bucharest, Romania.

When: March 26, 2019
Where: Online
Time: 10:00am-11:00am-(PST)
Language: English


Academics, engineers, and management who are interested in the modeling and characterization of GaN HEMT devices and in DTCO TCAD to SPICE methodology, in general.