Silvaco’s Device Simulator Selected by FLOSFIA for Development of GaO™ Power Devices

Yokohama, Japan – May 22, 2018 – Silvaco Japan Co., Ltd. (Silvaco) announced that FLOSFIA Inc. (FLOSFIA) has selected Silvaco’s device simulator for development of GaO™ power devices using gallium oxide (Ga2O3) made with its proprietary technology.

A large growth in demand is expected for wide band gap semiconductors in the future, and in this sector, there are high expectations for practical applications of gallium oxide, which has a band gap exceeding that of SiC and GaN. By using its MISTEPITAXY method, which takes a proprietary approach to improving the MISTDRY method, FLOSFIA has succeeded in forming Corundum Structured Gallium Oxide (α-Ga2O3) semiconductor layers on sapphire substrates and creating extremely good quality single crystals, and has developed GaO™ power devices. Utilization of a device simulator is critical for proceeding efficiently with the development of new devices. Silvaco’s device simulators, exemplified by the Atlas/Victory Device, provide broad support for many applications, such as leading-edge devices, compound semiconductors and TFTs. FLOSFIA’s decision to use Silvaco’s device simulator was based on their confirmation of its effectiveness in the development of power devices using gallium oxide.

“FLOSFIA’s CTO, Takashi Shinohe stated, “We are developing gallium oxide devices with a completely new proprietary manufacturing method. Utilizing a device simulator will become important in order to efficiently develop such new devices. For the decision to use Silvaco’s device simulator, the deciding factors were Silvaco’s extensive track record with wide band gap semiconductors, and Silvaco’s depth of knowledge of power devices. We expect to see even more progress in our development of GaO™ power devices as we move toward practical applications.”

Silvaco’s General Manager, Naoto Kameda stated, “There are high expectations for more compact and more efficient power conversion circuits through the use of wide band gap semiconductors, which are expected to be used in various applications, including power devices for in-vehicle applications. Our developers and engineers will be greatly encouraged by the contribution of Silvaco’s device simulator to FLOSFIA’s proprietary technology, which is highly regarded both within and outside of the industry.”

“GaO™”, “MISTDRY” and “MISTEPITAXY” are registered trademarks or trademarks of FLOSFIA Inc.

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