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Q. How can I Crop and Slice using a non-convex mask during the export?

Non-Convex Mask Polygons

Previous Victory Process releases have supported convex polygon cropping, slicing and mirroring support. It is also now possible to use non-convex polygons for either cropping or slicing.

In Figure 1 an example of a non-convex polygon crop and slice in the cell mode victory (delaunay) export is given. Note that the deck syntax is identical to the convex case.

2D Crop, Slice and Mirror

It is possible to perform the crop, slice and mirror (process and/or device) in the 2D exports.

An example of this functionality is given in Figure 3, where a crop and slice is shown. It should be noted that the coordinates specified in the polygon mask are those in the 2D export and not the 3D grid that the export is taken from (i.e., only X/Y need to be specified even though this cutplane is XZ).