EKV MOSFET Model Version 2.6 Now Available in SmartSpice and UTMOST III


Silvaco now offers the EKV (ENZ, KRUMMENACHER, VITTOZ) MOSFET model version 2.6 originally developed in EPFL (“Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne”-Switzerland), as part of the SmartLib product-independent model library. This model is available within SmartSpice and UTMOST as level 44.

The EKV MOSFET model is dedicated to low-power and low-voltage for analog design. This model presents a unique solution to model static, quasi-static and non-quasi-static dynamic behavior as well as noise, based on a proper normalization and interpolation. The EKV model equation is based on a “single expression”, which preserves continuity of first and higher order derivatives.