Silvaco’s Utmost IV selected by Takeya Lab at Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo for HiSIM-Organic SPICE Model Parameter Extraction

Yokohama, Japan – December 7, 2016 – Silvaco Japan Co., Ltd. (Silvaco) announced that the Takeya Lab at Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo, has selected Silvaco’s Utmost IV for HiSIM-Organic SPICE model parameter extraction which can be used in circuit simulation. HiSIM-Organic is the newest SPICE model for organic semiconductor device, based on surface potential, announced by Professor Miura’s group at the HiSIM Research Center, Hiroshima University.

The Takeya Lab is conducting research on diverse organic electronics ranging from foundational chemical and physical research to industrial applications. These applications are centered on flexible and low-cost organic semiconductor devices that are expected to become next generation electronic materials. The Takeya Lab is highly regarded in the field of printed organic semiconductor devices and is one of the world’s leading research labs due to its wide-ranging, advanced level research.

The Takeya Lab is working to apply the essential HiSIM-Organic SPICE model to circuit simulation to support their design research on high-performance organic semiconductor device circuits. The lab chose Silvaco’s Utmost IV on the basis of the results obtained on actual measurement data. Utmost IV provides a flexible yet robust parameter extraction environment for the HiSIM-Organic models. By applying this HiSIM-Organic model, Takeya Lab plans to obtain characteristics closer to an actual device than can be achieved with conventional models.

Silvaco’s Utmost IV is a SPICE modeling tool used to extract and optimize SPICE model parameters. Utmost IV is used by numerous customers and supports many models, particularly early support for the HiSIM model series and TFT devices. Customers appreciate its easy-to-use interface and flexibility.

Professor Junichi Takeya of the Takeya Lab stated, “A concern of our lab was how quickly parameter extraction could be done in the HiSIM-Organic model announced by Professor Miura’s group at Hiroshima University. We were able to confirm that Silvaco’s Utmost IV tool is fast, shows good convergence, and is extremely useful in the extraction of HiSIM-Organic model parameters.”

Silvaco’s General Manager, Yoshiharu Furui, stated, “Currently, organic semiconductor devices are attracting a high level of attention from various markets, and providing the most accurate simulation environment is a major role for Silvaco.
We are greatly encouraged that Utmost IV is able to contribute to HiSIM-Organic model use in the distinguished Takeya Lab.”

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