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Hipex Full-chip Rule-based RC Parasitic Extraction

Hipex-RC provides an accurate and fast solution for the extraction of parasitic capacitance and resistance from hierarchical layouts of analog, mixed-signal, memory IC and SoC designs. As part of Silvaco’s complete analog custom design flow, RC parasitic extraction together with DRC/LVs is tightly integrated with the Silvaco Expert layout editor.

Working from GDSII, cell netlists and rule-based technology files, Hipex-RC performs the parasitic extraction for either the full chip or selected nets or nodes, then back-annotates the schematic netlist with the extracted parasitics.

The device extraction capabilities of Hipex-RC allows the generation of hierarchical netlists that preserve the original layout hierarchy and supports a wide range of standard and parameterized user-defined devices. In addition it performs electrical rule checking (ERC) for shorts, opens and dangles.

Built for efficient parallelization on multi-processing servers, Hipex-RC is fast with efficient memory usage for large, full chip designs.


  • Performance of a fast 2D extractor with capacitance calculation near 3D accuracy
  • Fast analysis of user selected critical nets or layers without extracting the full-chip
  • Supports lumped RC, C only, R only, Coupled C and fully distributed RC extraction
  • Back-annotates the extracted netlist with schematic node names, parasitic resistances and capacitances
  • Accurate device extraction for non 45 and non 90 degrees devices and arbitrary shape resistors
  • Enables total per net capacitance and point-to-point resistance calculation by providing extracted parasitic RC in P2P format

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Kunihisa Ishii
 More customers will be able to use our six-inch silicon foundry with our new 0.35 µm CMOS PDK for Silvaco custom design tools. With our partnership with Silvaco, who have a lot of experience in analog custom design solutions, we will reduce total development costs for our customers and extend our flexible foundry services.