Silvaco and Si2 Release Unique, Free 15nm Open-Source Digital Cell Library

Silvaco Contribution to Si2 Will Improve Innovation in State-of-the Art Nanometer Flows and Methodologies

AUSTIN, Texas – MENLO PARK, Calif. – May 30, 2019 – Silvaco Inc., a leading supplier of EDA software and design IP, today announced that it is providing an open-source, 15nm standard-cell library to Silicon Integration Initiative, an electronic design automation software research and development joint venture. The library is available to Si2 members and universities at no fee under the Apache-2.0 open source license agreement.

Silvaco, through its acquisition of Nangate Inc., previously provided a 45nm open source cell library to Si2 under similar terms. This new library aligns with the current generation of silicon process nodes and is based on the FreePDK15 process design kit from NC State University. This PDK does not contain proprietary or sensitive data that would prohibit free sharing of a library built with it.

The new Silvaco cell library is free for non-commercial purposes and is particularly suited to research programs and standards development organizations that have previously had free access only to libraries with much older process technologies. The Predictive Technology Model from Arizona State University was used in conjunction with the PDK to characterize the 15nm standard-cell library.

“Silvaco is active in several Si2 initiatives such as the Compact Model Coalition and OpenAccess Coalition,” said Jens Michelsen, business development director at Silvaco. “With Cello™, our solution for digital cell library creation and optimization, we have a unique platform where the creation and maintenance of standard-cell libraries at 15nm and below becomes relatively effortless compared to other industry methodologies. We’re pleased to contribute this missing element of the flow development puzzle,” he concluded.

“This new contribution from Silvaco is a major step in filling a void that has existed for over 10 years. This 15nm library will serve academic researchers who are developing EDA algorithms targeted for our newest technology nodes. This effort is a classic example of successful cooperation between Si2 and industry. Having the continued support of Silvaco and its automated library creation solution ensures that our member’s collaborative efforts are kept current with ever-changing process developments,” said John Ellis, president and CEO at Si2.

“We’re very excited to see that Silvaco independently chose to contribute new material to the FreePDK15 effort. We hope others in the user community follow their lead,” said Rhett Davis, professor of computer and electrical engineering at NC State University, and principal investigator of the FreePDK15 project.

The Open Cell Library is available from Si2 at: The FreePDK15 is available from NCSU at:

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