Learn How Silvaco Flow Helps Designing and Simulating Pixel Arrays in Flat Panel Displays and Detectors

June 30, 2022 In this webinar, we highlight how leading display and detector companies exploit the capabilities of Silvaco tools for schematic and layout editing, very accurate field solver-based parasitic extraction required by modern TFT technology, back-annotation of parasitic RC elements into the netlist, and fast and accurate SPICE simulations of large arrays of pixels.

How to Eliminate Image Retention Issues with SmartSpice Flex Modeling

June 9, 2022 In this webinar, we will introduce a solution to the long-standing issue in the display community of Image Retention and how to simulate this effect at the SPICE level.

Learn About Silvaco’s AMBA AHB Subsystems and How to Customize, Secure, and Verify

May 12, 2022 In this webinar, we will provide an overview of the AMBA AHB subsystems and products offered by Silvaco. Some topics of discussion include Channel vs. Fabric architecture, low power, customization, hardware- and software-based security, and co-verification of the hardware and software.