• SmartSpice Pro

SmartSpice Pro FastSPICE Simulator

SmartSpice Pro delivers superior simulation performance for SRAM and TFT-based display designs. Unique fast-SPICE algorithms are combined in the tool to provide fast and SPICE-accurate simulation for multi-million-size memory and display circuits. SmartSpice Pro is fully integrated with the industry-standard SmartSpice Analog Simulator to achieve the maximum efficiency. Advanced multi-rate event-driven simulation techniques provide adequate functionality and flexibility for circuit verification in the transient domain.


  • Delivers accurate simulation results by using advanced multi-rate event-driven simulation methodology
  • Deploys fast parallel linear solver
  • Supports advanced device models as FinFET, PSP, TFT, BSIMSOI, HiSIM, etc.
  • Supports Verilog-A models
  • Supports TMI
  • Assures HSPICE and SPECTRE device model compatibility
  • Provides rich set of designer-oriented post-processing functions


  • Incorporates SPICE traditional simulation algorithms for better accuracy
  • Uses event-driven approach for communication between active and latent partitions of the circuit
  • Deploys transient multi-rate simulation methodology
  • Provides adaptive timestep control algorithms and discrete time grid mapping


  • Delivers competitive simulation speed for SRAM and TFT-based display circuits
  • Provides multiple partition merging algorithms
  • Detects and exploits linear RCL clusters in the circuit
  • Adequate for digital and analog applications


  • Analytical device models: FinFET, BSIM3v3, BSIM4, BSIMSOI, TFT, HiSIM, PSP, etc.
  • Supports Verilog-A models
  • Supports TMI
  • Supports lookup tables for BSIM3v3 and BSIM4 models
  • Models are compatible with HSPICE and SPECTRE models

Simulation Control

  • Supports DC operating point and transient analyses
  • Supports partition activity, latency, and coupling control
  • Provides control mechanisms for event-driven simulation
  • Provides means for accuracy control for the partitions
  • Delivers sets of composite (macro) options for global accuracy and performance control

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