Meiji University Adopts Silvaco’s SPICE Modeling Product

Yokohama, Japan – September 8, 2015 – Silvaco Japan Co., Ltd. (Silvaco) announced that the Integrated Circuit System Research Lab in the Department of Electronics and Bioinformatics of the School of Science and Technology at Meiji University (Meiji University) has adopted Silvaco’s SPICE modeling tool Utmost IV for its CMOS analog integrated circuit research.

Meiji University is advancing research on analog circuits that use the thermal properties of the weak inversion region of MOSFETs. Specifically, PTAT (Proportional to Absolute Temperature) circuits are able to detect the temperature on an integrated circuit (IC) chip. Miniaturized semiconductor chips in recent years have experienced problems with malfunctions and breakage due to the heat generated by circuits. PTAT circuits can be integrated with any general-purpose integrated circuit and will detect the on-chip temperature. PTAT circuits are able to control temperature on an IC chip in order to realize functional integrated circuits.

Professor Kawori Sekine of the integrated circuit system research lab commented, “A high level modeling tool is necessary in advancing this research. We spent several months doing evaluations, and were able to confirm that Utmost IV incorporates the measurement and modeling functions we hoped for. Also, ease of data management with its database architecture was a key factor in our decision to adopt the tool. Going forward, we also plan to use this tool with FDSOI technologies, and we look forward to even greater acceleration of our research due to the utilization of Utmost IV.”

Silvaco’s General Manager Yoshiharu Furui stated, “We are very pleased that Meiji University has adopted Utmost IV. Silvaco intends to retain its position as the top vendor for SPICE model and parameter extraction tools. We will continue to provide robust support for leading edge SPICE model development through our close cooperation with various universities and research organizations.”

About Silvaco Japan Co., Ltd.

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