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Reducing Organic LED Fabrication Time and Cost via Multi-Scale Flow Simulation

Drift diffusion simulations are widely applied to study multilayer organic LED devices, whereas microscopic methods are often restricted to the computation of single molecule properties that cannot directly be translated to the device scale. In this webinar, we present an automated interface flow from microscopic to TCAD simulation, in order to bridge this gap and enable device designers to analyze the impact of microscopic molecular properties on device performance. Microscopic simulations are applied to compute input for TCAD models such as density of states (DOS) and material mobility from first principles (i.e. without using additional parameters). This allows the integration of molecular materials modeling into circuit design. Crucially, this approach will enable device designers to investigate the material design space as well as the device design space in one automated flow.

What attendees will learn:

  • Apply multi-scale simulations to complement experimental R&D of OLED materials and devices
  • Identify key challenges in the multi-scale simulation of properties of OLED materials and devices
  • Analyze microscopic bottlenecks in device performance using multi-scale simulations
  • Analyze the impact of microscopic properties and processes on device performance
  • Use multiscale simulations to establish structure-function relationships for targeted design of OLED materials
  • Design, submit, and monitor multi-package simulation workflows on remote resources using the SimStack Workflow Platform
  • Compute density of states (DOS) and charge carrier mobility of pristine and mixed organic layers from first principles
  • Interface microscopic simulations to TCAD


Dr. Ahmed Nejim obtained his PhD in 1990 in Ion-Solid interaction. His 17 years of research in material science, semiconductor physics, and microelectronic design has given him wide experience in ion implantation and semiconductor processing. He has experience in lecturing, mentoring, and facility management. He has ten years of experience with technical project management and European multinational projects. He is a Liaison research fellow of a UK national research facility in contact with national industry and national and international academia. Since 2001, he has been working at Silvaco supporting TCAD software users and developing collaborative projects. He acts as an R&D Project Manager for Silvaco Europe.

Dr. Tobias Neumann received his diploma and PhD in Physics at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, focusing on the simulation of structural and electronic properties of nano-scale systems. As CEO of Nanomatch, Dr. Tobias Neumann has been driving the company’s development since 2016.

When: April 2, 2020
Where: Online
Time: 10:00am-11:00am-(PDT)
Language: English


Process and device design engineers, R&D management looking for simulation tools to investigate a wide material and device design space for OLEDs.