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Learn How to Use Victory Process TCAD Geometric Etch Models in FinFET and Memory Applications

May 18 WebinarWhen employing process simulation to generate a complex device structure, TCAD engineers often face the task of reproducing the exact etch profile that has been observed in semiconductor fabrication. Silvaco Victory Process offers several geometric models to efficiently achieve etch geometries that accurately match microscopy images (e.g., transmission electron microscopy).

In this webinar, we present geometric etch models in the context of FinFET and memory applications. We demonstrate techniques to realize fin shaping, non-ideal etch profiles (bowing, twisting), and self-aligned processes (multi-patterning).

What You Will Learn
  • How to achieve accurate etch profiles as observed on microscopy images
  • How to efficiently use Silvaco Victory Process to achieve fin shapes in FinFET flows
  • How apply geometric etch modes for trenches and contact holes in memory applications (3D NAND)
  • How to use Silvaco Victory Process’s powerful and adaptable ETCH DRY and ETCH POLYLINE commands


Alexander ToiflAlexander Toifl, Development Engineer, Silvaco TCAD Division

Since joining Silvaco in 2021, he has worked on etch and deposition models in Victory Process. Alexander Toifl received a doctoral degree in electrical engineering from the University of Technology Vienna (TU Wien), Austria, and a M.S. degree in microelectronics and photonics from the same institution.


Engineers and management looking for solutions to efficiently achieve etch profiles in a process TCAD flow.

When: May 18, 2023
Where: Online
Time: 10:00am-10:30am-(PDT)
Language: English