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Bringing IP Management to the Enterprise Level

IP reuse is no longer a new thing—it is the lifeblood of any semiconductor company, especially companies building SoC devices. A typical large company executes hundreds of IP transactions per year with dozens of suppliers. These transactions involve a huge amount of data that has to be managed at the enterprise level, not only design data—but a huge amount of metadata that is non-technical in nature.

In recent years companies have dealt with this complexity through design management (DM) software and spreadsheets to keep track of all the disparate pieces of information. The amount of data being transacted along with continued consolidation of the industry through mergers and acquisition are straining these non-scalable methods for IP management to the breaking point.

This webinar will provide a discussion of the issues facing semiconductor companies today and the technology available from Silvaco that can help semiconductor companies organize their internal and external IP at the enterprise level, and not only design data&but also a huge amount of non-technical metadata.

What attendees will learn:

  • Common challenges with the managing IP at the enterprise level
  • An overview of Silvaco’s Xena IP management system
    • Managing 3 rd -party IP
    • Managing internal IP
    • Options for deploying within the enterprise
  • Application of IP Fingerprinting and DNA Analysis for detecting IP in chip designs
    • Overview of the technology
    • Using fingerprinting for design reviews
    • Using fingerprint to insure legal compliance with suppliers
    • Using fingerprints to increase effectiveness and accuracy of 3 rd -party audits


Warren Savage is a well known, and perhaps one of the most recognizable, figure in the semiconductor industry. He has spent his entire career in Silicon Valley working with leading companies including Fairchild Semiconductor, Tandem Computers, and Synopsys; where he focused on the problem of building a global scalable semiconductor IP business. In 2004, he founded IPextreme in the mission of unlocking and monetizing captive intellectual property held within semiconductor companies and making it available to customers all over the world. IPextreme was acquired by Silvaco in 2016 and today he is the General Manager of their semiconductor IP division. He holds a BS in Computer Engineering from Santa Clara University and an MBA from Pepperdine University.

When: June 14, 2018
Where: Online
Time: 10:00am-11:00am-(PST)
Language: English


Anyone that is involved in the development, use, or purchasing of semiconductor IP will learn something from this webinar. Typical titles of people that benefit the most will be IP librarians, purchasing agents, contract management, corporate compliance officers, and engineering management responsible for SoC development using semiconductor IP.